2022 Western Stampede Rodeo Information

Day Sheets

July 1 Day Sheet available soon

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Arena Records

Year Event Score Name Stock Name Contractor
2021 Bareback 88.5 Zach Hibler
2021 Steer Wrestling 3.5 sec (Tied) Tristan Martin -
2021 Steer Wrestling 3.5 sec (Tied) Riley Douvall -
2005 Team Roping 3.7 sec Timmy Tanner / Arky Rogers - Greg Kesler Rodeos
2005 Saddle Bronc Riding 88 Levi Berry Shingles Greg Kesler Rodeos
2021 Tie Down Roping 7.5 Sec Trevor Cole Scott - Cervi
2019 Barrel Racing (90 ft) 17.06 Shari Lords
2018 Bull Riding 89.5 Clayton Savage Hurst Pro Rodeo's Yellow Hair Cervi / Hurst

The 2022 Western Stampede rides into town July 1, 2 & 4. Tickets go on sale January 31! Get yours early for the best seat selection and best price. Click here

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Cervi Championship Rodeo

It all began in 1967 when the Cervi family purchased the renowned Beutler Brothers Rodeo Company. Then in 1974, they also acquired the Billy Minick Rodeo Company, which was formerly owned by well-known producers Harry Knight and Gene Autry. These two companies were the two largest companies in the rodeo business. With the acquisition, Cervi became the largest stock contractor in the nation and renamed the company Cervi Championship Rodeo.

We welcome back the Cervi Championship for the 8th year for our 67th Annual Western Stampede PRCA Rodeo!

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2021 Royalty

2021 Royalty pictured: Left Rylei Voorhees, 1st attendant;  Morgan Ivie, Queen; Piper Maxwell, 2nd attendant. Read more about our royalty.


credit steve greyAnthem Singers

Do you want to perform the National Anthem for a night at our Western Stampede? We need singers and would love to hear from you! Email events@westjordan.utah.gov if you are interested in performing the National Anthem at any of our arena events for the year.