Western Stampede Committee

Volunteers have always been at the heart of the Western Stampede – since its inception in 1954 and the tradition continues today! The committee works hard all year round to make sure the Stampede continues to grow and thrive. Thanks to all who devote their time and talents to this long-running tradition!

If you'd like to get involved, email or call 801-569-5160.

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Steve Brower - Co-Chair

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Marlene Conrad - Treasurer

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Sheri Michaelis - Volunteers & Hospitality

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Tracy Michaelis - Volunteers & Hospitality

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Lynn Bowler - Rodeo

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Jen Mayne - Royalty

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Al Richards- Sponsorships

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Admissions & Volunteers

Parade Chair

Park Activities Chair



Prize Winning Dirt

Steve Brower

It takes a special mix and hours of working the dirt to make it the right consistency so that livestock and cowboys and cowgirls can safely compete on it. If it's  too loose, horses can dig in too deep and risk injury. Too hard, and riders can't get traction and might slip. Hard dirt also poses a safety risk to animals and riders alike and cowboys don't like to land on it. Ouch! The dirt should be light and fluffy, but not too light that it kicks up too much dust.

Our hats go off to volunteer extraordinaire Steve Brower who has spent countless hours on a tractor tilling and working the dirt so that it's ready for the different events that come to the West Jordan Arena. He is also a past chairman of the Western Stampede and has even logged time riding bulls.